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*Note: I cannot provide online samples of much of my work due to the sensitive nature of the content. 
You may contact me to address any of your questions regarding my work samples. 

Heuristic Evaluation, DameWare.com (January 2013). I performed an evaluation on this site to uncover several usability and heuristics issues, which I classified in one of four categories: Navigation, CSS, Content, and Graphics. Additionally, issues in each category were prioritized. Included in the artifacts created was a two-part story board of how the existing site is architected. Artifactsprioritized heuristic evaluation.pdfstoryboard-Part1-birdseye.pdfstoryboard-Part2-products.pdf

Construction phase Web application evaluation (June 2008): The application was a year-long project to develop a new tool to help geologists and geoscientists to manage their geological data. My part in the project was to evaluate the application. I used this opportunity as the springboard to educate the Solutions Group in a 2-part lunch-and-learn.pdf presentation about the benefits of including a User Experience Designer to help avoid some of the design problems inherent in the application. The presentation included highlights from the evaluation document, and was enough persuasion to bring in additional work for my group.

Pre-Deployment Web site evaluation (January 2008): This heuristic evaluation was done incrementally during the user acceptance phase of this oil and gas document management project. The evaluation document provided the technical architect and business analyst with crucial information regarding potential usability errors. Eighty percent of the changes I recommended were implemented.*

Help Desk Site Evaluation (March 2007): This corporate intranet Web site needed my expertise to improve usability and navigational flow. The site evaluation.pdf proposal records findings and provides recommended changes for improvements.

Test Tools Web Site Evaluation (2006): I evaluated the user interface of a new system test tool for error logic and placement, user control and freedom, consistency, flexibility, and ease of use. As a result of my evaluation, the team implemented 80% of my recommended test tools site evaluation.pdf changes.

Shop AMD Web Site Evaluation (Fall 2006): I collaborated with my project team at UT’s School of Information to survey user satisfaction and examine potential changes for the Shop AMD.pdf Web site. Note: Appendix C showcases my Heuristic Evaluation of the Shop AMD site.