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*Note: I cannot provide online samples of much of my work due to the sensitive nature of the content. 
You may contact me to address any of your questions regarding my work samples. 

User Study, screening, facilitation and recommendations (October 2013):  Conducted a User Study to explore and observe site visitors’ interaction with the a site’s Complaint Scorecard and Complaint History. As part of the study, I created a Prototype of two alternative designs. The Findings concluded that information available on the original scorecard was insufficient to make a decision. Most participants were conflicted about what number of sparkies represented a lower number of complaints versus a higher number of complaints. On the Complaint History, there was no clear relationship between the line graph and table. As a result of the Findings, I made recommendations for an improved design that included a newly labeled scorecard (to Satisfaction Rating), in addition to other subtle changes to make a distinction about the rating shown. The recommendation for the Complaint History was to layer the information into two separate tabs, a Summary View, and a Detail View. See the Findings and Recommendations.pdf.  Artifacts: TestPlan_(scrubbed).pdfUser Study Data Collection.pdf

Usability testing, facilitation (June 2012): Facilitated internal testing of a prototype of the proposed new online quote tool.  Followed test scripts and allowed the user freeform use, soliciting feedback and suggesting adjustments to the design.*

Usability testing, observation (November 2011): This project involved usability testing of a our new design of As an observer, documented user behavior and made appropriate changed to the design to create an easier-to-navigate design, of course, in collaboration with the team.

Usability testing, screening, facilitation, reporting (June 2011 to August 2011):  For Austin Energy, managed end-to-end process of live user testing of the new bill pay web application. Selectively contacted leads to ensure sample was consistent with representative personas; scheduled sessions; facilitated the sessions via virtual meeting with screen sharing, as well as face-to-face sessions. Managed recruiting screener, compensation, and surveys using Ethnio. Created a findings report for stakeholders.*

Usability testing, note-taking and data analysis (September 2008):  This project involved usability testing of a new tool for sales managers. I was notetaker and also performed data analysis on the recorded test sessions (13 participants). My contributions to the findings report included group participant analysis, where I defined 4 distinct user groups. I cannot share the confidential documentation produced for this Hewlett Packard project.*

Shop AMD Mock Usability Test (September 2007): This usability test was performed as part of a candidate requirement for a job interview. In the Shop AMD Test Plan.pdf.  I documented the test method, participant information, and the screening criteria for recruiting test participants. The plan also included usability metrics for data logging during the test.

International Client Study: This usability test.pdf was an all-in-one, user/environment study+ user observation+recommendations proposal. A visiting client from the Asia-Pacific region allowed an interview and observation session to study regionally-specific use of our Help systems and documentation suite.


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