Original Post: December 2012


During the holidays I prepare my grandmother’s tamales, but with my twist. I never know how many people I will have to help me, so I’ve come up with a very streamlined way to make them if you only have a few helpers.

The day before:  Slow-cook the meat in a crockpot with the vegetables (6 hours gets the best tenderness). Clean and soak your corn husks in hot water overnight in the sink.

The day ofget the meat ready: Drain and set aside the broth that you cooked the meat in; chop  just the potatoes and carrots. Pull the meat. Put Meat and veggies together and add the sauce using mole (see recipe).  Prepare your first batch of masa, using the broth, just before you start. I usually do about 3 batches of masa (but I don’t make the masa unless I’m using it that day – it does not keep well).

You’ll want to line your tabletop with plastic tablecloths to protect it. Each person should have access to plenty of fresh kitchen towels because you’ll want to keep your area dry. Oh and don’t forget the gloves.

Watch the video (click on the film image below) and see the recipe for more info. It’s a bit crude, but that’s how I prepare it (I plan to make another video next weekend, when I’m at my sister-in-law’s).

No matter if I’m doing it alone, or with friends, I always have a great time. Enjoy!

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