Take Pause on Veteran’s Day 2013 

Original post: Sunday, November 10, 2013

I write this with deep trepidation at my ignorance in years past of what Veteran’s Day means to me. I, as do many other Americans, have War Veterans in my very own family and in my circle.

War is an ugly word. It turns my stomach to see the reports of loss-of-life. All of those families who lost loved ones to the violence of War. Too many fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters paid with their lives to protect-and-serve.

When I think about the sacrifice US Veterans have made for the greater good, it makes me proud and grateful to be American. While War is dreadful, our Veterans’ unfailing allegiance brings new meaning to live as “…one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…”

I am fortunate to not have lost a family member to War.  My brother came back after multiple tours to in the Middle East, and with each one I could see a change in him. That toughness deeper but softened, that life spirit stronger, with eyes that see more, but often not what he wants to see.  My cousin came back from Afghanistan with an emotional heaviness that I cannot describe.

Remembering those who served in the Vietnam War, my deceased Uncle Tony, my deceased brother-in-law, James (whom I had never met), my stepfather, Jake, and countless cousins and friends from my husband’s side, including Roger, Gary, and Birch (who did not come home) and many others.

Remembering my Uncle Andy, now deceased, who served in the Korean War, and brother-in-law, Hank, who served in World War II, and other Veterans whom I may have overlooked.

Remember your Veterans, as these are our Gatekeepers and protectors of this, our United States of America.

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