Accredited Typeface

Original post date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013
shapeimage_1 (1)

I never thought that typeface would help influence the horizontal flow of reading, but it does. I just finished reading an article in The Week written earlier this year (see it here: and it was eye-opening.

In academia, it is critical to have your work be read and respected, after all of the research hours you spent, sleepless nights, and disgruntled significant others. Even as I write this, I am updating my website font to Georgia, for now, until I finish my font typeface research (yes, more work to be done on this article).

What about the font typeface used on highway signs? Here in Texas, the exit signs are abysmal. Most are numbered and unreadable until you are right up on them, and by then, it’s too late.

Pinterest is a hotbed for the goings-on in typeface design (see it here:

Wow, I now have a renewed respect for the talent of a Typeface Designer.

More soon.

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